Research Workshops and Summer Schools

Waves, coherent structures, and turbulence (30th October - 1st November 2019, UK)

The workshop will bring together physicists and applied mathematicians researching in the area of waves, coherent structures and turbulence. Each session will have an introductory lecture on the theme (aimed at the non-experts) and then a handful of more specific talks.

Universal Features of Hydrodynamical, Optical, and Wave Turbulence
(9th-12th September 2019, France)

The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers working in the broad areas of nonlinear physics (fluid dynamics, turbulence, nonlinear optics), condensed mater physics and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics to review the recent advancements in the fields of hydrodynamic, wave, superfluid and optical turbulence and to identify future challenges.

Vortex Dynamics, Turbulence and Related Phenomena in Quantum Fluids
(24th June 2019 - 5th July 2019, Brazil)

This meeting concerns all issues related to dynamical of vortices in superfluids and its consequences to quantum turbulence.

Training and Career Workshops

Career Opportunities for Early-Career Researchers (21st January 2020, UK)

The HALT and AMT2BT RISE consortiums have organised a joint workshop dedicated to career opportunities of ESRs combined with talk given by BIOS-IT, Microsoft Azure, and Dr Generalis on using cloud capabilities for scientific computing held at Aston University.